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In 2020, Yara Marine Technologies chose to work with XY01 to create, develop and manage their approach to startup-driven innovation


background and insight

A global startup search to find and join forces with an exceptional founder team that would help fuel a more diverse portfolio strategy and enable a greener maritime industry.

The Yara Marine X Accelerator Program was born.

Creating a high-performance startup accelerator competition and program that would create value within the company also meant that Yara Marine needed to position themselves in the startup space to gain access to the right audience. The first step was to conduct extensive market research to find out where and how to reach this global, yet niche target audience: startups with a sustainability focus in vessel operations.

The audience consisted not only of startups with this specific focus, but also key stakeholders needed to help endorse and communicate the program - clusters, startup communities and Universities within the maritime space.

A joint effort commenced to reach the audience, position Yara Marine, and open the application process for startups through an integrated marketing and communication strategy. In the meantime, prescreening teams, internal and external jury selections, event management and program planning were in the works.

niche application, global reach

After extensive marketing strategy work and multi-channel execution, startups from all over the world applied to be a part of the pilot Yara Marine X program. Preliminary screening narrowed down five finalists from South Korea, Israel, Greece, Romania, and United States.

The final pitch event consisting of jurors from Yara Marine, Yara International, and external board members took place digitally in early November and a winner was chosen based on a series of criteria around market fit, value, technology, and partner opportunities.


corporate processes, startup spirit

The program, jointly built and executed by Yara Marine and XY01, starts with a tailored two-week bootcamp to ascertain the gaps and needs of the chosen startup. Based on the bootcamp, a 6-month program will be executed in Oslo and Gothenburg,  including fast piloting, go-to-market activities, R&D and network access.

After or even during the program, the startup will receive the opportunity to become an integral part of Yara Marine’s processes, growth, and their mission for a greener maritime future and the climate through a possible investment opportunity.

XY01 is Yara Marine’s innovation partner and we plan to launch Yara Marine X Vol. 2 after the successful conclusion of the first program.

the stats

  • Engaged with more than 100 clusters worldwide
  • Applications from 40 different countries
  • > 2000% increase in measured brand engagement for Yara Marine through Yara Marine X
  • Five relevant finalists in different seed stages
  • One chosen winner within marine tech to begin the program in January 2021

from the CEO

"Working with XY01 on this joint effort has truly been a high-energy, high performance journey for us. The close cooperation with this company, and especially their competence in brand management and the startup world, has created a new, actionable perspective for us and our approach to innovation."

Dr. Tom Koniordos, CEO Yara Marine

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  • Innovation exploration
  • Global startup search and selection
  • Yara Marine X identity development
  • Website and concept
  • Global communication management
  • Marketing strategy
  • Project management
  • Final selection process
  • Bootcamp facilitation
  • Accelerator design and management
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