X.Y.ZERO.ONE (ex – wise – hero – won?)

Human minds and technology. A powerful combination.
Made unique by adding brand.

We come from the realm of branding and business strategy, and have always regarded technology as the strongest tool for change, growth and an accelerator and facilitator of unique concepts.

We believe in the human race, and what the mind is capable of. The building block of every human being is DNA. Our chromosomes. Our X’s and Y’s. Unique combinations create individuals, as well as the forces that underlie thought processes and creative efforts – together and individually.

But nothing (or at least, very little) will happen without the human mind.

We have chosen the name X.Y.0.1, because we believe that the strength of human competence, deep emotions, and endless creativity are fundamental. We believe in utilizing the powerful synergies between brand, brain, and technology to transform industries worldwide in challenging and innovative ways.

We are here to create and drive change.


Wondering how this perspective can fit your organization, what investments are required, and what growth you will experience by working with us?

New thinking requires new business models. Have a chat with us, and we’ll figure it out together