Wilhelmsen ASA Global Rebrand

Wilhelmsen global rebrand & M&A strategy

In 2016, Wilh. Wilhelmsen ASA decided to re-evaluate their brand portfolio, and put out a global RFP with the goal of defining a new brand strategy, identity, and brand architecture. The main goal was to rig the corporation for future growth.


Creating the basis for growth, brand value, structure, & culture

The task at hand was to analyze the Wilh. Wilhelmsen ASA brand in order to develop a strategy and identity that made the leader group’s and shareholders’ substantial transformation and growth ambitions possible.

Throughout the process, representatives of X.Y.0.1 were the project leads, working in close collaboration with Snøhetta and the client, to secure a holistic approach to the new strategy. The result was a substantial reduction in the number of brands, and a transformation that shifted the focus from product to solution on a global scale.

The master brand Wilhelmsen was launched, and positioned along with a new identity, new core narrative / brand story, and brand platform.

Moreover, we developed a revised and simplified brand architecture, and a clear and simple “playbook” for future M&As and company sales.

The newly developed strategy and identity is being implemented globally, and plays a significant part in shaping Wilhelmsen’s future endeavors.


  • Brand Platform & Strategy
  • Core Narrative
  • M&A Playbook
  • Brand Architecture
  • Global Redesign


Delivered, ongoing implementation


Snøhetta Design


Benedicte Teigen Gude, Group SVP Communications & Brand

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