Week.ly III | ambitions & startups

Week 49, December 2018

Welcome to our week in review. These small glimpses of our life at X.Y.0.1 are meant to give you an idea of who we are, what we believe in, and how we work. Not always too serious, but often quite straight to the point. Sometimes, these weeklys may turn into a project. Or a startup. Or an article on the web. Eitherway, hope you enjoy this short read:

Co-ops, new faces and 3 startups

We are now the official partner of Digisure. A new insuretech startup that is going to change the way insurance is done in larger corporations. It will enable large companies to add insurance as a new revenue driver into their existing portfolio. Fast.

Our role will be to ensure brand and business fit, defining a new customer journey and implementing this new venture into an established corporate environment.

Very exiting. Watch this space.

We have also signed up our new senior management consultant. A very cool, fast moving, forward thinking personality that fits our profile like a glove. We can´t quite tell you who it is just yet, but first thing come 2019, we will! We are very excited!!

Startup Life
Visitlocal.ly, our destination platform is live. After five successful implementations in Norway, we are in the process of delivering the concept as a pilot for a first international destination –  and – if all goes well – the team will roll out to more than 30 destinations in 2019.

Cameralla, our portfolio based, learn-driven global camera club is seriously gaining momentum now. Major brands have expressed their interest in cooperations and the first agreements have been signed. We are in the midst of rolling out the MVP for the club platform, the course platform and the overall web space.

skift/academy is at the crossroads of becoming a learning platform with event & conference abilities or an event & conference company with an integrated learning platform. Both directions are full of opportunities. We’ll see.

Execution is Everything
Running three startups on the side of our boutique consultancy is not easy. But we have developed a very lean and agile approach to managing resources and time and for now, we have to say, it works. Of course, once these startups scale, we´ll establish fixed organizations around the XY01 managment model. Jesper can tell you a thing or two about how we do it.

We have also signed three new clients this week, two startups and one Scandinavian icon. The CRM system we talked about last week has been delivered to UAT, and we are rigging our firm to roll into the Christmas season. Enough to do before the holidays.

Have a nice week!

This ends this week’s quick review. Hope you enjoyed it. We will be back with more thoughts, news and ideas on everyday brand experiences. And the occasional #funfact. Hopefully. 

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