Week.ly II | The Quest for Clarity

Week 46, November 2018

Welcome to our week in review. These small glimpses of our life at XY01 are meant to give you an idea of who we are, what we believe in, and how we work. Not always too serious, but often quite straight to the point. Sometimes, these weeklys may turn into a project. Or a startup. Or an article on the web. Eitherway, hope you enjoy this short read:

Changing names, tech and the need for clarity

The main thing that happened last week, is that our partner Bjørn Christian finally joined our team at XY01 as our principal of technology. Naturally, we regrouped, and kicked off with a superb workshop focusing on our technology capabilities. We also met up with our friends at Snøhetta and Martin Gran.

Why did we meet with Snøhetta? Because they have been instrumental in our thought process, the way we think and how we live our brand.  They are unique in their approach to collaboration, cross competence focus and a proven concept that is based on people. Not just processes or projects. They actually wrote a book about it. Want to read it? – get it here.

One thing that came out of our regrouping was our name change. Or name simplification. We are going away from X.Y.ZERO.ONE and are now just using XY01 – simpler, a bit cooler, and easier to remember.

Did you ever wonder what the name XY01 actually means? It’s all about the powerful combination of people and technology – X’s and Y’s being the human building blocks, and 0’s and 1’s being the very core of technology. Human minds and technology – made unique by adding brand.

We also looove our new website and URL – XY01.COM. Check it out if you want. We dare you! 😉


Some learnings on the client side.

Why should tech and brand be the inseparable couple? 

We had a very interesting meeting with a leading Scandinavian «technology bank».  And we thought we could use the opportunity to learn how said bank acts on the clear tech leadership position they have acquired in the market.

Funny as it may seem, behind the curtains, brand and technology were not as intertwined as we might think. Or hoped, really.

Legacy systems supporting a new front, old processes behind customer facing modernisms, and to top it all off, a chat bot that hardly seems to understand Norwegian. Let alone actually enabling the customer to gain knowledge or even answering a simple question. We actually found good ol’ Google to be much more helpful. So why spend time and money on mediocre customer experiences? Is it all about creating a facade? Alas, an empty one at that?

«A brand commits an organization to a certain direction, enables growth, and simplifies decision making processes. «

However, how come that the tech side of things – more often than not – is allowed to function off-brand? Or at the very least, only on the side of it? 

Speaking of tech – another interesting meeting this week was with a reputable international wealth management firm looking for a new growth strategy and direction. They are already operating in a market, where new technology is beating traders in decision making speed by about a million to one. And where said tech redefines the status quo.

How can such a firm move from being reactive and non-tech savvy to becoming a leading, global player with an on-brand technology platform? One that will enhance, and not compete with, the human super traders? Challenge accepted! 

We are also in competition with ourselves on building a complete, omnichannel CRM system in 12 weeks. We got three weeks left. Fingers crossed. If we succeed, we´ll tell you about it. If not, we´ll also tell you about it 🙂

Have a great week! Oh, and check out our open positions. We are hiring!

This ends this week’s quick review. Hope you enjoyed it. We will be back with more thoughts, news and ideas on everyday brand experiences. And the occasional #funfact. Hopefully.