visit locally: destination digital platform

Visit Locally is an IT platform for destinations that consists of a portal, app and CRM system tailored to the needs of the destination and its visitors.



The platform enables the destination to apply a 360 degree view  across the destination - from local businesses to the visitors. The result is a more efficient everyday situation for the destination and a better visitor experience.

Visit Locally is the only destination platform that offers a business model that actively drives traffic, creates local synergies, and provides a complete journey for the visitors of a destination.

XY01's role

XY01 is a strategic partner and co-founder of Visit Locally, and responsible for the concept and business development, technical and functional requirements, project management of the development team, sales and investor/funding.



Visit Locally launched its portal mid-2018 and introduced the application and CRM system in late-2018. There are already 6 destinations in Norway that use the software and Visit Locally plans to launch several new Norwegian destinations this year. The first international destinations will be launched in 2020.


who to talk to

partner, digital branding specialist



  • Brand platform
  • Concept development
  • Business development
  • Business model
  • Technology platform
  • Technical & functional requirements
  • Project management of DevOps
  • Fundraising
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