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VISAVI Technologies is a young company in the middle of a transition from startup to grownup. They offer a truly unique software solution that combines all operational workflows on an asset and streamlines them into one simple, live and human-centric interface.

They already have an international client-base and have ambitions to grow exponentially over the next 5 years, but have been going through the typical organizational challenges such as lack of processes and focus, and complex brand strategies with unclear value propositions.

These issues combined created confusion internally and externally inhibiting them to develop a strategy to position themselves for further global expansion.


After conducting an audit consisting of external clients, internal stakeholders, and marketing analysis it became clear that VISAVI is seen as an innovative company, offering a solution that is crucial for industrial complex operations. However, it fails not only to reach the right audience, but to articulate the value to these key decision-makers.

Internally and externally there was also confusion regarding who they are as a company and what they are actually offering, The brand itself needed to enforce the uniqueness of the offering and emphasize its roots, all the while focusing on the commercial benefits and operational enhancements the software will create, and not just the software itself.


During a process of workshops and collaborative sessions we developed a clear brand strategy encompassing who Visavi are and who they aspire to be. As well as a new brand architecture including a process for adding future products and solutions. We also created a simplified communication strategy directed toward their target customers, employees, and potential partners.

This work is still ongoing and the next steps include implementing the brand strategy internally and externally, including a new design profile.

We will also work together with VISAVI through a series of sessions and business modelling workshops to amplify their global business performance, culture and marketing.

what we have done

  • Insight
  • Brand Strategy
  • Positioning
  • Growth Strategy
  • Sales Readiness
  • Implementation

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