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global scaling and presence

VISAVI is a young company in the middle of a transition from startup to grownup. They offer a truly unique software solution that combines all operational workflows on an asset and streamlines them into one simple, live and human-centric interface for complex operations in any industry.

The key differentiator to other companies that offer dashboard related solutions is the fundamental focus on human psychology.

They already have an international client-base and have ambitions to grow exponentially over the next 5 years so it became pertinent for them to take their brand and strategy to the next level. Simplifying their offering to gain faster access to their audience and create a true pull for their solutions in a global market.

exploring and simplifying

Understanding the market the company is in proved that the concept is both unique yet highly complex to communicate. Customers generally put VISAVI in the "dashboard" box - which is like saying a Tesla is just like any other car since Ford´s Model T.

The company needed clarity. Both internally and externally.

The brand strategy was recreated, new positioning developed and, as a consequence, a completely new brand architecture was designed.

This work is still ongoing and we are currently in the process of implementing the brand strategy internally and externally as well as repositioning the company globally.

Some of the tactical results are the recently launched revised identity and new website for the brand.


who to talk to

CMO, brand & communication specialist


+47 47 67 38 92


  • Global brand audit
  • Brand strategy
  • Digital presence
  • Web design
  • Identity 
  • Positioning
  • Growth strategy
  • Sales readiness
  • Brand architecture
  • Naming strategy
  • Marketing tactics
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