tigeni: simplifying personal health control

Tigeni is a Norwegian health technology company that aims to improve public health through simplifying and enabling personal health monitoring. Based on a simple home testing kit and an app-based dashboard, you can track and improve your results over time. Through innovation and information, Tigeni gives you the motivation you need to take control of your health and live a healthier lifestyle. 


positioning in the Norwegian market

Tigeni was founded in 2018 with clear international ambitions. However, the first and most logical step was to launch and test in its home market, Norway. The founders were eager to get things off the ground and so we began a lean, fast go-to-market process keeping the international ambitions in mind while taking a local approach.

super fast go-to-market

XY01 is a strategic partner and was responsible for working together with Tigeni on their brand strategy, positioning, and brand experiences. The extreme deadlines for launch presented us with a huge challenge to overcome since the project included everything from a fundamental brand strategy, go-to-market plan, identity redesign, web strategy and complete implementation. We were motivated and inspired by Tigeni's purpose and sense of urgency so by using startup methodology, we were able to launch within only eight weeks of starting the process.

gaining international investors

Tigeni is now fully launched in Norway and continues to grow with new partners and continuous technology innovation and development. They plan to launch in other parts of Scandinavia and Europe in 2021. International investors have taken a share and we will see further growth in 2021. 
Why not have a look: www.tigeni.com 
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