the oslo region: creating a stronger region

Ever since the Oslo Place Brand strategy was launched by Osloregionen we have followed its progress and development with great interest.


Essentially, it is all about creating a stronger, more relevant region by expanding the city brand into the greater Oslo region.

The Oslo region is the core of the international strategy which is aiming at creating attractiveness for international talent, investors and business ideas. It is all about choosing Oslo over Stockholm, Copenhagen or Amsterdam. Together with renowned experts like Michael Boysen, Oslo Brand Partners created and alliance and a strategy for creating growth in the region. From Hamar to Kongsvinger, and Hønefoss to Fredrikstad.


We identified a large gap between the actual strategy and its level of understanding and implications for the regional players in the public and private sectors. The Oslo Place Brand strategy needed a coherent implementation perspective. 

Furthering these findings we identified target audiences within academics, private and public sectors as well as specific clusters within technology, hospitality and industry. 

Conclusively, the strategy needed a hands-on approach to convince the target groups of the relevance of the Oslo Place Brand Strategy. 


One of the main tools for the implementation effort is the award-winning A comprehensive portal for and by the region with cases, videos, image library and the key brand filter that forms the foundation of the strategy.

We chose to call the concept #hvorforoslo (#whyoslo), and we created an administrative and marketing central here: 

The execution of this first-phase implementation became a very exciting project for our team. Multiple workshop designs, keynotes and many very proud local representatives of business, public service and culture / universities put together for one common goal: Create growth in the region.

This strategy is focused on everything that happens outside of Norway. Local identities need to be kept and national competition should be fostered. But outside of these borders, the region should stand united as Oslo.

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