The Strategic Brand Triangle


The basis of identity-driven strategic development

The strategic brand triangle defines our view on how an organization should build its strategy. This model ensures that the strategies are based on the essential identity of the brand and organizational uniqueness. Any branding or strategy – progress will base itself on answering to this triangle. There are of course several elements to developing this strategic perspective, however the WHY, WHAT and HOW of any brand or organization are critical to developing a successful business.

Why strategic development needs to be identity-driven

There is a reason why the strategies and tactics are at the bottom of this brand triangle, of this organizational development hierarchy. It is really quite simple. This triangle defines the unique DNA of the organization, and forms the basis for any change, development or repositioning  efforts. If an organization develops its strategy prior to its identity, how can the strategy really create growth? It would not be tailored for the brand it is supposed to lead, and growth potential is not maximized.

We believe that strategies should ne based on your unique identity – regardless of industry or position.

Some parts of this triangle are:

The reason why you exist, beyond making money and lead the industry.

Vision or Ambition
The ultimate long-term goal for the next 10-20 years.

The master (brand) plan for creating value, and your essential definition of how you will reach your vision. This committs your organization to a way of working.

Core Values & Personality
How we want to be perceived and how we act. Our unique footprint and cultural fundament.

Brand Promise
Translating the mission into customer value.

Brand Stories & Messaging
The core narrative, integrated in a message map and brand architecture.