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Jack Welsh once said: “Grow or die.” Of course, he was right. What he did not know at the time is that growth today can come from a variety of different strategic activities. It can

Our branding expertise is global, our application and implementation highly local. Our methods are amongst the absolute best in the world. Why not have a chat about what we could achieve together?


Your company or product is embedded in a strategic landscape, made up of customers, suppliers, competitors, employees and your “way of doing things”.

To make any sound business decision, we need to thoroughly understand the facts that drive our business and develop the strategic truths for your company.

Business Strategy

Our approach to business strategy is defined by your brand as a core concepts, your market and strategic landscape, as well as a holistic development of the core dimensions of your company. From sales & marketing, HR, innovation, leadership to finance and M&A. We call them liquid strategies.

A defined core that defines your company’s future.

Concept Development

A soundly developed concept can be the starting point for change, a business decision, a communication tactic, or a creative approach to a given challenge or opportunity.

Any company on the globe has been a concept once. Maybe we can create the next one together.

Customer Journey

Your customer experience should be the central element of your strategy. Actually, your entire company should evolve around your customers, the ones you have and the ones you want.

Your customer journey is one of the most important strategic elements of your company. It ranges from customer service, to simplicity of offering, to follow up, quality and availability. We address this part of your business with a 360 approach, driven by brand, supported by tech and alingned with your strategy.

Transformation & Change Management

Creating a sound and holistic strategy means nothing if it does not lead to change and the transformation of, “We have always done it that way,” to “Let's try something new.”

We are facilitators of change, and drive new behavior with clear and operational transformation efforts based on your (new) strategy. Empowering employees and leaders and making them accountable for creating and leading change is the key to successful transformation.


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