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RiksTV is an agile and serious challenger operating in a pressed distribution market in the TV industry. The company competes directly with the likes of Canal Digital, but they are gradually experiencing more and more competition from players like Netflix, HBO and TV2 Sumo. While some of these giants do exist on RiksTV’s platform, they need to be assertive and bold to keep their position as a strong challenger in this unpredictable market.

The company is known for being adaptive. And they have strong suits in transformation, lean and agile management. To further RiksTV’s efforts in cultivating their winning culture, and their common understanding of the future, their employees have set a new strategic direction for the brand of RiksTV. The RiksTV of the future will take an even clearer position and develop their strong ability to create internal synergies.

Based on this ambition, RiksTV have established a new brand platform and implementation strategy. They wanted XY01 to assist them in defining their values, externally validate their direction and position, and gain a strategic perspective on actual brand content and areas of simplification.

We are looking forward to the next steps! And #goodluck!

Read more about them here: Om RiksTV

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  • Culture / internal values
  • Strategy recommendations
  • Implementation perspective




Ole Skarbovik, Commercial Director, RiksTV

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