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Re:Now will be the world’s leading renewable energy community - enabling and distributing renewable energy through disruptive democratization. In order to achieve these ambitious goals, we worked alongside the founding team to create a coherent brand platform and strategy.

About re:now
We believe in creating a better future for the world in which we live. A future that is sustainable, transparent, and renewable. We also believe that creating viable business models around renewable energy sources are the foundation for a healthier planet.

The sustainability of our environment and our society is everyone’s responsibility. However, everyone has not had the same opportunity to make a positive impact. Until now.

re:now is the world’s only energy community that enables and distributes renewable energy through disruptive democratization.

We enable energy as a service – no complex value chain, no unnecessary middle men, no hidden fees or contracts. Just clean, renewable energy, available everywhere, and for everyone.

Everything we do orbits around the needs of our clients and partners. We combine the power of our global corporate partners with the opportunities presented by a worldwide demand for renewable energy production, consumption, and management.

Our business models are disruptive, our partners are sustainability challengers, and our clients demand simplicity and transparency.

Together, we will change the world. Starting now.

Welcome to Re:Now.

TYPE:            Renewable Energy / Blockchain Solutions
FOUNDED:   April, 2018
FUNDING:    Entrepreneurs / Shareholders


Brand Platform & Strategy
Core Narrative
Communications Strategy
Identity (Design & Development)
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John Raaen, Founder