Parampara | Digital Vintage / March 2019

PARAMPARA’s vision is to be the global marketplace for hand-picked second-hand fashion and help create a world where fashion and overconsumption are never synonymous. 

PARAMPARA (previously SoBo Community) first started out back in 2017 and has been through quite the start-up journey since then. When we first met Anjali, Parampara’s ambitious and tech savvy founder, in the summer of 2018, they had just launched their new shopping platform, but wanted help to further differentiate and clarify their brand position.

Bringing sustainability to fashion

The brand needed to (1) reach an audience who has an appreciation for the sustainability and spirit of vintage fashion and (2) serve as an accessible and personal avenue for vintage shopping online. SoBo, at the time, aimed to help customers discover their style through approved and hand-picked vintage stores around the globe, all in one online platform.

Through a series of strategic workshops during a Startup Brand Sprint, we helped SoBo develop a new strategy that will enable them to focus and grow in both existing and new markets.

The Brand Sprint resulted in a new brand platform, a communication strategy, and company rebrand. SoBo Community made the strategic decision to rename itself to PARAMPARA in order to convey the uniqueness of the brand and to differentiate itself in the market.

What’s next for PARAMPARA?

PARAMPARA is now in the process of revamping its customer experience, underlying web technology, and design. They just relaunched in March of 2019, and we are looking forward to a new way of vintage shopping!

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  • Insight
  • Positioning
  • Brand platform
  • Naming
  • Concept & brand story

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