Omnichannel CRM & App / January 2019

For the past several months, we have been working with our startup Visitlocally and Rauland, one of the largest skiing destinations in south eastern Norway, to create a coherent and connected online experience to unite all businesses operating in the area.

Creating a holistic approach to the digital customer experience

Following the successful implementation of, we turned our attention to creating a CRM system from the ground-up to meet Rauland’s unique and specific needs. The new CRM ensures all visitor data — for both tourists and cabin owners — will be safely and efficiently registered and stored. In addition, we made sure the system seamlessly integrated with Visma and Vipps, two of the largest online and mobile payment solutions in Norway, to help Rauland easily keep track of who’s paid which fees and when. 

Thanks to this system, Rauland can create the most holistic and enjoyable online and in-person experience for all of its many annual visitors. Spoiler alert: The team at Rauland has big plans in 2019 when it comes to bring personalized content to each and every one.

Next, it was time to create a mobile application to bring the web-based Rauland experience into the hands of its on-the-go mobile visitors

We started the design and development process with two clear goals: (1) Optimizing the most sought-after features of for a mobile application, while maintaining the look and feel of the website, and (2) Ensuring the app was 100% integrated with the CRM solution so Rauland could securely communicate with its visitors in an informed and personalized way.

Since the app was launched 14 days ago, it has been downloaded over 2,500 times, and has already increased the customer base to Rauland by 150%. If you’d like to download the app and try it for yourself, you can download it from the App Store and Google Play Store.

Overall, this website, CRM, and mobile application trio represents a significant achievement for — one of our XY01 Ventures — as we seek to create a holistic and cross-platform customer journey for destination visitors worldwide. 

We are proud — and very excited — to offer these tailor-made solutions. A robust web platform, a 100% complementary iOS and Android application, and a CRM system that fully integrates with all platforms to optimize and analyze the customer experience across every digital touch point.

As a brand, is well on its way to achieve its goal of becoming the only platform that offers a business model to actively drive traffic, create local synergies, and provide a complete journey for destination visitors and locally connected businesses worldwide.

Want more information on the project?

Contact Bjørn Christian Paulseth, Principal Technology & Partner XY01