notodden energi: rebrand & positioning

Notodden Energi is a medium-size energy corporation with ownership in multiple commercial (fiber) and non-commercial (powergrids) entities. Governmental regulations in Norway have directed all power plants, infrastructure owners and energy sellers to clearly separate their business going forward. This separation created a strategic branding challenge on all levels of the organization.


Photo by Ian Brodie, Wild Telemark

a new way of doing things

The new regulations demand a completely new structure, a separation of monopolistic and commercial entities, resulting in more customer clarity, transparency and better business models.

separating commericial & govermental

Notodden Energi will become the commercial master brand for the customer-facing part of the company, with a renewed and clear brand strategy, full commitment to innovation, business development and proactive customer care. The architecture is created to incorporate future products and solutions under the master brand. Notodden Energi will remove all other product names and brands in their portfolio from January 2020
A brand-lead transformation of management, customer-focused product development and strategic positioning is well underway and some of the tactical deliveries included a new go to market perspective as well as complete business analytics and identity development. 

launching a new brand: Everket

The separation created a challenge for the initial fundamental heritage of the brand. What should the governmental, regulated part of the company be called. How could we keep the heritage alive, all the while “loosing” the trusted name to the commercial part of the company. 
Everket, which loosely translates to GridCo was established and to our great suprise, we managed to secure this name amongst 82(!) other grid & infrastructure organizations looking for a name at the same time. XY01 developed the overall strategy, go to market perspective and cultural pillars that come with establishing a new legacy in the local market. 
Designing the identity into a modern, cool brand, became the cherry on top of a holistically executed rebrand and repositioning effort.  


  • Exploration of challenges and opportunities
  • Brand audit
  • Multi-brand strategy and structure split
  • Governance and strategic position
  • Go-to-market planning
  • Identity development
  • Naming for Everket (grid company)
  • Brand strategy for Everket
  • Identity design
  • Go-to-market planning for Everket
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