Week.ly IV | New Talent

Week 2, January 2019

Welcome to our week in review. These small glimpses of our life at X.Y.0.1 are meant to give you an idea of who we are, what we believe in, and how we work. Not always too serious, but often quite straight to the point. Sometimes, these week.lys may turn into a project. Or a startup. Or an article on the web. Either way, hope you enjoy this short read:

New Talent, a Christmas Race and some Core Thoughts on XY01

It has been a race. A race against time, client wishes, meeting appointments and international projects that needed our full attention and some TLC. We have never experienced such a run for deadlines before the holidays as this year. Our small consultancy has delivered north of 20 projects these days – at the same time. Which is also why we are a bit late with the first week.ly in the new year.

Being this late enables me to use this week.ly note to introduce a new face at XY01. She has largely been in charge of branding and marketing during our time driving the development of the Kognifai brand strategy and other products and solutions for Kongsberg Digital. And when she decided it was time for a career move outside of the industrial technology giants, we were not playing hard to get!

Thrilled, excited and humbled to welcome Haley Zerwas to our gang. She will be in charge of positioning our startups, work with international clients and be a part of developing XY01 as a pinnacle boutique consultancy. Why not invite her for a coffee to hear what she´s all about?

Haley Zerwas, Senior Consultant Brand Management & Strategy with Head of Group HR “Pippi” 

Also, we have spent some time revising our own brand platform and positioning strategy because we felt the need for clarity and simplification. We revised our mission and defined our “one word” – or core value. Of course the core value should be “the core” of what we do and who we are. It’s funny we all thought it would be simplify, but XY01 would not be XY01 if we didn’t taken it one step further.

Besides that, the first week of the new year has been about customer journeys and brand-based customer experiences. And with that, many learnings and the revelation that it often is the smallest of tweaks that make an experience move from “OK” to “GREAT”. And there are many many companies out there, big and small, that are failing their customers. Every day. As an exercise, we are collecting #brandfails, which you can read about here – in a few weeks.

Also, the CRM system we developed from nothing to everything in 4 months now includes an application and a web platform. The case is up in a few days. Be sure to read it. The starting numbers are very promising!

We are also proudly working with Bing Hodneland, Bergans, Hurtigruten and are visiting Germany again next week for a workshop with one of the largest of the large. Very cool start to the new year!

Have a great week!

This ends this week’s quick review. Hope you enjoyed it. We will be back with more thoughts, news and ideas on everyday brand experiences. And the occasional #funfact. Hopefully.