Millennial Minds In Business

Meet Our Millennials

Being a transformation advisory that deals with branding and corporate innovation on an almost daily basis we would be absolutely nowhere if we would not employ the brightest young minds that disrupt everything we think, do, and preach. Each and every day. We are super stoked to welcome our new millennial advisory team to X.Y.ZERO.ONE!

Enter Eric Stein and Vetle Fjeldheim.

One Californian and one Oslonian. Together with our senior advisors, these guys will make sure you don’t forget the new generation, understand them, and move your offering towards them understanding you. They will join us in strategic development projects, research, brand architectures, and storytelling.

In short, they will have their hands and brains in everything we do.

And you can actually get in touch and book one of our Disruption Labs with them as well. A new type of workshop where we combine the experience of seasoned brand and transformation advisors with new, unhinged, and fresh millennial thinking. Simply to make your brand work better, become future-proof, and uncover unknown opportunities.

So, if this interests you, let´s have a chat!

Until then, meet our millennials, Eric and Vetle, right here: