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Kongsberg Digital – Digital Twin Branding

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Kongsberg Digital, DNV GL, GE, Aker, Siemens, IBM Watson….. huge industrial players with one significant thing in common. All of them offer a version of the digitalized industry of the future through digital twin technology.

Our task was simple yet complex: How to differentiate an offering in a market saturated with messaging and marketing stating that “everyone” has the leading technology, er farthest ahead, and clearly – the best out there.. Clearly, we needed to explain the advantages of the Kongsberg Digital Twin technology to a non-committal and reactive market. Create a benchmark for others to follow.

Here´s the kicker: Kongsberg Digital is not merely planning a digital twin. The company has developed pilots, worked together with Equinor on a hands-on platform feasibility study, as well as being about twenty seconds away from launching a global, commercially valid offer for the oil and gas industry.  Far ahead of other players in this field.

Our key has been simplification of both messaging and commercial solutions. Digital Twin clients of the future are not necessarily the high-competence data engineers, but forward thinking, innovative and professional top executives with one mission: Simplifying and streamlining their operations for higher profit, better operational control and management.

As versions of digital twins are already in use within Formula One and NASA, it is a short venture away to oil and gas applications.



  • Brand Strategy
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  • Core Narratives
  • Brand Architecture
  • Message Map
  • Tagline
  • Value Propositions

Status & Reference:

  • Active
  • Hege Skryseth, President, KONGSBERG DIGITAL

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