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In a global race to be at the forefront of the next industrial revolution, KONGSBERG Group launched their digital division, Kongsberg Digital. A year later, the high-tech platform Kognifai came to life. Industrial digitalization is the number one priority for many large corporations, and with Kognifai being a relatively “late” launch, it required clear positioning, and a carefully developed brand strategy.

X.Y.0.1 became the preferred partner/choice after winning a nordic RFP.

Define the future of the KONGSBERG GROUP’s digital global venture.

In a strategic landscape where large international players like GE, Siemens and ABB are investing heavily in digitalization, Kongsberg Group could not afford postponing their digital undertaking. Known as the forerunner, both within the maritime industry and the national defense industry, Kongsberg Group launched Kognifai in 2017.

Kognifai will enable industrial digitalization and automation. A leading technological platform for autonomy and “real time” data management.

After analyzing the strategic landscape we developed a new brand platform and core narratives for Kognifai. The brand strategy was utilized to carefully revise the architecture in the Kongsberg Group portfolio, and to define the Kognifai’s role within this portfolio and in the market place. The solution was to strategically focalize and simplify more than 100 brands in their portfolio, transforming them into customer centric solutions – purely based on industry and customer needs.

To further develop this simplification strategy, we carefully mapped the digital customer journey, along with the associated messaging, in order to tailor the different touchpoints to various target groups.

The brand strategy was presented for all employees end of January 2018 during the Kongsberg Digital kickoff, and is now being implemented globally. In cooperation with X.Y.0.1, tactical and strategic activities are being developed to secure the successful execution of the new strategy.


  • Brand Audit (Kognifai)
  • Brand Platform & Strategy
  • Core Narratives
  • Brand Architecture
  • Strategic Development
  • Message Mapping
  • Customer Journey Kognifai.com
  • Kickoff 2018
  • Brand Audit (SiteCom)
  • Implementation & Brand Management




Kate Bergersen, VP Marketing & Communications Kongsberg Digital

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