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differentiating a complex solution
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Kongsberg, DNV GL, GE, Aker, Siemens, IBM Watson….. huge industrial players with one significant thing in common: All of them offer a version of the digitalized industry of the future through digital twin technology.

The task was simple yet complex: How might we differentiate Kongsberg’s offering in a market saturated where “everyone” claims they have the leading technology? The advantages of Kongsberg’s Digital Twin technology needed to be explained to a non-committal and reactive market.

There was also internal and external confusion around their digital platform, Kognifai, which is the foundation for the digital twin technology.  Kognifai was first introduced to the market without a well-defined and clearly articulated brand platform; it was missing a purpose, a differentiating mission, and value propositions to set it apart from the competition.  As a result, people — both in the market and within the organization itself — were unsure about what any of it actually meant.


To kick-off this project, a brand audit was conducted on the Kognifai brand. Qualitative data was gathered from internal and external interviews in order to create a clear picture for how  the Kognifai brand was initially perceived and why.  This led to the development of a solid brand strategy, architecture and growth strategy for how to globally position Kognifai against the competition.

Based on the Kognifai brand research and customer insight, it was discovered that digitalization of industries commonly creates misconceptions, confusion and general distance between future clients and suppliers of digital solutions. Kongsberg’s digital twin technology was no different, especially since the definition of the concept differs between the multiple providers across the globe. 

The core notion of simplification and customer facing communication created the basis for our solutions. The “clients of the future” are not high-competence data engineers, but innovative, forward-thinking top executives with one clear mission: Simplifying and streamlining their operations for higher profit, better operational control, and smarter management.


The solution was, through a series of collaborative sessions, to define what Kongsberg means by a “digital twin” and put it into a launch campaign for Offshore North Sea Conference that would resonate with the target audience.

Hence, “smarter, safer, and more productive” became the core concepts of Kongsberg’s Digital Twin brand and communication platforms. These core elements were then tailored to fit the key challenges and opportunities in target industries (i.e. Oil & Gas).

Their competitive and differentiating edge would be anchored on how they define the digital twin. It is not only a digital replica of physical assets, processes and systems; rather it is a collaborative arena for industry leaders and challengers who hope to achieve a better future for their businesses and all they serve.

You can read more about the launch of the Digital Twin by clicking here.

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