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defining the future of a digital venture



In a global race to be at the forefront of the next industrial revolution, KONGSBERG Group launched their digital division, Kongsberg Digital. A year later, the high-tech platform Kognifai came to life. Industrial digitalization is the number one priority for many large corporations, and with Kognifai being a relatively “late” launch, it required clear positioning, and a carefully developed brand strategy.

XY01 became the preferred partner/choice after winning a nordic RFP.


A complete brand audit was conducted and qualitative data was gathered from internal and external interviews in order to create a clear picture for how  the Kognifai brand was initially perceived and why. 

It was found that there was considerable confusion in the market about what Kognifai actually is and there was no exception internally. Everyone had a different definition of Kognifai and what it meant for Kongsberg. 

However, the market was extremely confident that whatever Kognifai ended up being, it would be successful based on the company’s history and reliability as a whole.


After analyzing the strategic landscape a new brand platform and core narratives for Kognifai was developed.

To further develop this simplification strategy, the digital customer journey was carefully mapped out, along with the associated messaging, in order to tailor the different touch-points to various target groups.

The brand strategy was presented for all employees at the end of January 2018 during the Kongsberg Digital kickoff, and was sequentially implemented right after globally. In cooperation with XY01, tactical and strategic activities were developed to secure the successful execution of the new strategy.

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