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simplifying countless products
into customer-centric solutions



Kongsberg together with XY01 developed a clear brand strategy for the Kognifai digital platform, but the products and solutions within the entire portfolio were disconnected and confusing.  

As there was a lack of strategy to brand and manage partnering solutions and products, the entire portfolio needed a revision and simplification to create a better and more coherent market approach. 


Based on the work that was done on the brand strategy, messaging, and digital customer journey, the Kongsberg Group portfolio and architecture was carefully reviewed in order to define Kognifai’s role within this portfolio and in the market place.

All products internal and external associated with Kognifai were also reviewed in order to find the best solution on how they could fit into Kongsberg as the umbrella brand and the Kognifai brand representing digital innovation in the company.


By strategically focalizing and simplifying more than 100 brands within the portfolio, and transforming them into customer centric solutions the portfolio received a much needed cleanup and clarity. 

Moving away from individually naming all products and solutions created a clear path for customers to find, understand and leverage the specific products and solutions available to thei individual challenge and company. 

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