Jesper Kreiborg

principal strategic transformation, innovation & venture. founding partner

«Progress comes from not doing what you have always done.»

Jesper has extensive experience within the commercial development of start-ups, concepts and financial services and IT-organisations. He is particular passionate about identifying and capturing opportunities together with talented people either by creating new or transforming existing business. He has been involved in numerous start-ups both as management consultant and as founding partner but has also worked with large multinational companies – in Norway and abroad. Over the years he has held several management and board positions.

Jesper is chairman and founding partner of X.Y.0.1 – a boutique branding, transformation & venture company. 

Today he primarily works with transformation, innovation and venture together with established companies and “start-ups with ambitions”.

Jesper is a Danish national with permanent address in Norway and is educated as M.Sc. of Economics from the University of Copenhagen.

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