instabank: defining a brand and strategy for new customer-driven banking

Building a bank from the ground up.

creating a bank

Building a bank from the ground up is no easy task, especially in a saturated market during a time when a new phenomenon we now commonly define as “Fintech” was an up-and-coming concept. 

The founders of Instabank had a clear challenge for XY01: Create a solid foundation for a new, innovative and disruptive consumer bank that embraces change and sets the standard for simplicity, innovation and customer-driven products and solutions.

exploring the landscape

Customers have a general distrust to the financial providers. Insight shows this distrust is paired with bad customer journeys, complex products and relatively weak levels of customer service. The idea of simplicity seemed lost in an industry that was based on legacy systems and a relatively old model of customer contact and customer service in general. 

The public landscape is one of regulation and boundaries. It aimed at controlling niche players, reducing the power of the larger banks, and allowing technology and transparency to create platforms for better decision-making and de-risking the industry and its consumers.

strategies & experiences

Together with the founders, we created a holistic core strategy for the bank and defined an aspired position of becoming a customer-focused Fintech player in a highly competitive market. The name Instabank was established and the identity rolled out. 

Innovation practices, strategic partnerships, and a core growth & competence strategy enabled the startup to become the fastest growing new bank in the country. 

Today, three years later, Instabank is an established provider of financial services in Norway and Finland, and will soon open its services in Sweden, Germany and the rest of Europe. In 2020 Instabank was - for the first time - bigger abroad than at home. We continue to work with the management team on strategic projects within UX, prototyping and brand-led transformations to pivot, enhance and develop this company into leading the way of next generation consumer banking.

who to talk to

CEO, brand & growth specialist


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  • Market exploration
  • Brand strategy
  • Identity & naming
  • Customer journey
  • Repositioning
  • Concept development
  • Growth strategy
  • Sales readiness
  • UX & prototyping
  • Mobile banking
  • Implementation
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