Haley Zerwas

senior brand management & strategy specialist

“Strategy means nothing without implementation.”

Haley is an American national with extensive marketing and communication experience in global industrial technology companies.  She has worked primarily in the oil and gas, energy and maritime industries and has a knack for transforming high-tech complicated concepts and solutions into value-based messaging for C-level clients.  She is particularly interested in helping clients to modify their thinking around the importance of not only brand strategy, but implementing strategy with digitalization at the forefront across the entire company.   

Recently Haley has spent most of her time on branding and launching new digital solutions to the market meant to change the way industrial companies are operating today. 

Haley was previously living in Houston, Texas and relocated to Oslo, Norway in 2015 in order to further her career in the international technology industry.  She is an avid dog lover, food lover, and will always make sure there is a humour and southern charm in the atmosphere.

Linkedin Profile: linkedin.com/in/haley-zerwas-aa14a410/