Getting to MVP…the struggle is real

Too many professional teams go down a rabbit hole when trying to plan and execute their MVP. All the while having identified the customer need and conducted the proper research, they often can encounter challenges with planning the implementation and end up jumping the gun straight into coding. 
Sounds familiar?  Let´s check! Are you
  • spending too much money and time on an idea that may not be a proper fit for the market?

  • trying to develop a solution that already exists?

  • spending too much money on building features for the MVP that arenice to have”, but may not be necessary?

  • spending too much money on developing for (too) many platforms before having tested and piloted on only one? 

  • creating a bad user experience within your process or desired customer journey because of lack of time, resources or understanding of user requirements?  

  • developing, changing, regrouping and reassessing your idea multiple times? 

  • in the need of simplification of MVP process and methods?

  • forgetting that the customers will judge your efforts immediately, harshly and without any possibly fallback scenario?
  • simply, running out of time?

As you can probably imagine, this “run for coding” can possibly cause a slew of problems, not necessarily right off the bat, but down the road when you realize you’ve run out of time and development costs are through the roof. Now, on top of that,  you have to change, regroup and reassess, and possibly do it all over again. 

If an MVP becomes a complex project, it’s essentially dead before it’s done.   
We have seen it many times over. If it takes 2 years to develop one pilot – the market may have changed and with that,  the original idea is not fit anymore. Or maybe someone else now has your same idea and they hit the market 6 months ago, and just maybe the features you added that ate up cost and time because they were just so cool are in fact pointless for launching the MVP.. and maybe even pointless to the end user.

Let’s think about this differently.  
How can we get to MVP in the most cost-efficient, leanest possible way and FAST?  Well for one you need expertise….expertise in technology and expertise in business – the combination of the two is crucial for a proper MVP to occur.  This expert or team of experts need to make an assessment for any given or planned MVP
before coding starts.  The assessment will then define what should be implemented and in what order.  

And the results?  
Maybe it comes to light that this is not a viable product or solution and the whole thing is called off before you’ve spent an outrageous amount of cash!

Or it is actually brilliant and it’s time to kick-off faster than you can finish reading this post with the development team and get cracking on an actual brand strategy sooner rather than later!

A solution for derisking your project

OK, so the good thing is, the assessment that can help you derisk your project and get you back on track is a solution you can actually buy. We have put together a lean team  with a broad scope of knowledge that has delivered, tested, binned and retested multiple MVPs for both startups and grown ups in recent years. So we made a product out of it:  

Download our MVP Assessment Sprint  service sheet and get in touch especially if you are experiencing or have experienced any one of these issues when going through your MVP process.

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