fuguru: managing risk
is our business

Fuguru is a system for managing, analyzing, and cataloguing risk that allows ski resorts to create a systematic process for risk assessment & mitigation.  



The Fuguru technology allows ski centers to efficiently maintain control over all tasks and communications among staff members and provide accessible documentation logs and reports. This eliminates safety risk of everyone at the resort and ensures that the resorts are complying with legislation.

XY01's role

XY01 is a strategic partner and co-founder of Fuguru. We are responsible for the brand and business development, sales & communication strategy, product design & development, and project management.


Fuguru has confirmed its initial pilot customers and performed detailed field testing. The platform is now available for general customers in the market and will fully launch in late 2019. 


who to talk to

partner, venture & strategy specialist



  • Strategic insight & advisory
  • Brand platform development
  • Concept development
  • Business development
  • Business model
  • Design-thinking process
  • Customer journey mapping
  • High-fidelity UI/UX
  • Architecture
  • Technical & functional requirements
  • Project management of DevOps
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