Erichsen & Horgen


Erichsen & Horgen, a company with significant tradition and high growth ambitions in a fragmented and slightly differentiated market, is a leading player within consulting engineering. They work on some of the largest and most prestigious projects in the country.

In order to take the company to the next level, we were chosen as a partner for brand and strategy processes with subsequent business transformation.

Defining the future of Erichsen & Horgen

In a landscape where there are large multidisciplinary international players such as Multiconsult, COWI and Rambøll, Erichsen & Horgen is a small, but significant player. Known as a spearhead in the industry, Erichsen & Horgen's management wanted to rig the company for further organic growth through a focus on a comprehensive strategy and further development of their identity.

Following the analysis of the brand and the market, we developed a new brand platform and core narrative for the company. We used this brand strategy as a basis for developing a comprehensive growth and transformation strategy for the Group up to 2022.

The brand and the overall strategy were launched and implemented for all employees in 2017. The transformation has yielded very good results so far and the company experienced significant growth in 2017. In the transformation phase, we developed various tactical and strategic activities to implement the new strategy.



  • Brand audit 
  • Brand platform & strategy
  • Core Narrative / Brand Story
  • Group strategy
  • Message matrix
  • Kickoff
  • Transformation & change project
  • Facilitation of implementation & change




Arne Jorde, Adm. Dir Erichsen & Horgen AS

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