erichsen & horgen: amplifying growth

Erichsen & Horgen is the benchmark HVAC engineering company in Norway and has experienced profitable growth over the past several years. At the same time, additional questions were raised about their approach to business development, communication and recruitment. XY01 was tasked to review their brand and develop a holistic strategy to fuel further profitable growth. 


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fuelling further growth

The construction industry is dependent on multiple entities being able to collaborate to create new buildings and areas where people live, work and play. From architects to city planners, to engineers and designers. Usually, Erichsens & Horgen would take on the role as the HVAC experts within a larger project, and would typically never own the entire engineering project.
Market insight demonstrated that this industry is rapidly changing, anticipating a shift of responsibility, project mandates and technology requirements. Erichsen & Horgen had a unique opportunity to position themselves as the experts and possible leaders for large industrial projects, and with that gain more control, position and market share. 

foundation & confidence

We created a brand-based foundation for repositioning Erichsen & Horgen, by using their expert role to elevate the firm to a new level. This was based on the uniqueness of their competence and the core idea of the firm: creating spaces where people thrive.
Almost immediately, Erichsen & Horgen managed to create a shift in focus, internal culture and process management. This resulted in faster decision making, clearer strategic direction and rapid profitable growth. 
Today, 2 years later, Erichsen & Horgen has almost tripled in size. They have won significant projects on their own and opened offices in three new locations as well as having acquired smaller specialist companies across the country.  The company continues to grow and solidify its new and stronger position in the market.
XY01 continues to assist the management team in annual strategic reviews, pivoting and development of the company through M&A and further brand positioning activities. 
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