We enable corporate innovation by creating, developing, and managing startup accelerator programs for corporate environments.


our approach

We believe that larger companies need to have a strategy for growth and innovation that combines not just internal efforts and M&As, but also a focus on attracting the best startups.

Startups struggle with cashflow, scale, market access and validations. Corporates have challenges with legacy systems, rigid cultures and set processes.

Both camps need some of what the other has. By combining corporate structure, market access and competence with the startup spirit, quick pivoting and innovative thinking we can create the winners of tomorrow. Together.

In order to enable this type of corporate innovation and growth, we have created a simple 5-step approach for setting up and managing startup accelerator programs for corporate environments.

The approach is based on a dynamic collaboration between your company and ours, and is structured in a way that aligns focus toward a successful implementation of the program from A to Z.

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how we do it


explore and define

Where do you see a need for innovation?

We start off by understanding how you work with innovation. In what areas can new ideas or concepts benefit your operation? How can your experience and market access benefit a startup in the best possible way?

We define the niche to conquer and align this with the ambition for the accelerator. Is this going to be a targeted approach or a global competition? Based on this we create the opportunity space and the accelerator mandate.

brand & strategic fit

Ensuring that the activity becomes a strategic positioning tool.

As a global search for ideas and startups will put your brand «out there», we ensure that the activity becomes a strategic positioning tool - both externally and internally.

As a fundamental part of this phase, we align your overall corporate strategy and goals with the ambitions of the accelerator program.


communication & landscape

Understanding the landscape and the needs of the startups.

Communicating with the startup community is not the same as communication with your traditional clients and markets. It requires an in-depth understanding of the struggles, fears and opportunistic focus that lives inside a founder’s brain.

Creating communication around a true collaboration and shared vision of success is critical. Both when communicating the program externally and internally.

In order to reach the right start-ups we also help map the landscape of relevant networks and communities to contact as part of marketing the program.

the program

Developing the accelerator program.

Based on a suggested framework we define the actual structure and content of the program together.

Ideally it should be 4-6 months long. Ensuring the start-ups‘ ongoing development, whilst at the same time tailor-making it to create as much value as possible for both the company and the startups.


execute like crazy

Close collaboration between teams.

Together with your team, we help you get started by setting up the accelerator website and prepare marketing and PR initiatives toward the target audience.

We assist with one-on-one meetings, webinars, welcome-kits, legal documents, and of course the facilitation of the actual program from initial bootcamp all the way through to potential investments.

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