cloetta norge: defining beloved candy brands

Cloetta supplies some of Norway’s best known and beloved candy products.

Both Godt & Blandet and Pops have a presence in Norwegian homes and are pinnacle products in their respective market. At the same time, these great brands lack a clear differentiation strategy and positioning perspective. 

As a goal, these two brands should continue to create profitable growth for Cloetta Norway, specifically Godt og Blandet keeping its leadership position and Pops re-establishing itself in the chocolate category. 

In a highly regulated and competitive market - the challenge was on!


Understanding that the consumer needs to be influences in the right situations, with the right triggers is key. Also, adding depth to the “old” brands that is relevant to the different audiences would enable Cloetta to create focused, and highly rewarding positioning for these brands. 

It was clear that these two specific brands are operating in a completely different strategic landscape, one being put on the defense being the undisputed category leader, and one that needed to be refuelled to gain market share, wow new audiences and increase profitability. 


In a strategic initiative, a revised brand and communication strategy for Godt & Blandet and Pops was developed in close collaboration with Cloetta .

It was decided to focus more holistically on filling these iconic brands with content, and positioning them more clearly against new target groups.

The new brand strategy, core narrative, and communication strategy was launched in 2018 in the form of campaigns, product design and overall communication and packaging. As a result, the Pops brand awareness went up 37.5% in June 2019, and sales are at an all time high.

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