Cameralla | Photo Club 2.0 / March 2019

The Story

The Cameralla story begins with Jørn Allan Pederson.

Jørn Allan, a Norwegian native, has always enjoyed spending time outdoors and surrounded by nature. At the age of 9, his mother gave him his first camera so that he could capture the beautiful scenery and wildlife. From that moment, his passion for photography was ignited. The introduction of photo sharing services and communities like Instagram and 500px helped Jørn Allan quickly gain a large and loyal social following.

Through these channels, Jørn Allan also began to share his now extensive photography knowledge. He quickly noticed a strong interest in practical photography courses offered in local languages coupled with a strong and social membership club.

In 2016 Jørn Allan decided to establish (OFK) in Norway – starting out as a hobby-project alongside his full-time job. At the end of 2017 OFK had evolved into a community of
350+ loyal members and 3000+ courses sold.

In 2018, Jørn Allan decided to dedicate 100% of his time and efforts towards OFK. He joined forces with Thomas Adriaan Morel, a Dutch international award winning art-photographer (
living in Norway) and X.Y.0.1 with the purpose of developing and growing the OFK-concept and platform into an international business. From there, Cameralla was born.

The Photo Club. Reimagined.

Cameralla is the world’s only online photo community and e-learning platform made for photographers, by photographers. Cameralla offers its members a proven 5-step methodology for becoming a better photographer, a digital photo sharing platform that we helped to build from the ground up, and access to exclusive workshops, webinars, and deals.

This photo-sharing platform we’ve built from the ground up focuses on insightful, constructive criticism, not only likes and followers. It’s a radical photo-sharing community that’s learning-driven, rather than like-driven, and puts the quality of the photos and feedback above the quantity of posts and followers.

In addition, Cameralla offers a “white-label” photo club so companies and organizations can create a designated arena for their employees, tourists, passengers, or guests to come together around a passion for taking better photos. Cameralla also has built a powerful and quid-pro-quo affiliate model so influencers and brands can create value for their target audiences and simultaneously benefiting from income for every person who becomes a paying Cameralla member. For life.

What’s next for Cameralla?

Cameralla opened up its platform in beta to Norwegian members in the beginning of 2019. Cameralla is laying the groundwork for several international launches over the course of the year, and we’re eager to be a part of their growth!


  • Insight
  • Positioning
  • Brand platform
  • Naming
  • Concept & brand story
  • Communication strategy
  • Growth strategy
  • Technology platform
  • UX & customer journey
Status: Ongoing

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