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defining categories to lead in   multiple dimensions



Bergans operates inside many different categories of outdoor and sports clothing. The company is very well positioned within the hiking and kids category, however less so within ski touring, resort skiiing, padling, and lifestyle. In order to implement and manifest the leading position in more categories, XY01 was tasked with a very audience-specific intelligence project. 


After establishing the relevant metrics, a combination of emotional attributes, design, technical features and general requirements within the categories, the team conducted live interviews with select target audience representatives and several focus groups. Additional quantitative research was conducted as well to confirm the thesis and facts brought up by the qualitative sessions. 


The result of this category intelligence is a management report and “action kit” to guide both designers and product managers to create the perfect clothing lines within different categories. Communication elements to define, prove and conquer a new position were also included in the final delivery. Intelligence results and deliveries included: 

  • Ski Touring
  • Padling / Ally & Packraft
  • Resort Skiing
  • Hiking
  • Kids & Youth
  • Lifestyle
  • Positioning Statements
  • Audience Focus
  • Strategic Implementation

who to talk to

Robert Leinders-Krog | CEO, Principal
Brand Management & Strategy
+47 92 88 01 11
[email protected] 

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