Bergans – repositioning an icon / January 2019

Bergans is a true icon in the Scandinavian market. A brand that has been present in Norwegian cabins, in kids closets, on any hike and has been a trusted companion on the slopes of Scandinavia. The company has experienced high levels of growth in recent years. However the market sphere is changing. A lot.

A stronger, clearer brand. Internationally. 

Client demand more of the brand they buy, demand a different type of engagement and expect a clearer perspective on CSR, specifically in regards to sustainability. And the competition does not sleep. From Norrøna to Patagonia  – every single outdoor brand is trying to connect with its customers on a new, more relevant level.

Bergans has a clear vision of becoming the world’s most sustainable outdoor brand. Something the company is already putting to action through  their engagements within equipment rental, repair efforts, second hand sales and amongst other things, their latest “Stranda” collection.

Our first task in this long-term co-op was to define the strategic position for the brand. A position that should increase internal motivation and pride, drive growth, and fuel an international understanding of what Bergans really is, for who, and why:

Bergans. Believe in tomorrow. Explore today.

Based on this position, we will develop brand rules, communication, management philosophies, as well as clear and strategic CSR perspectives. Bergans will be an internationally relevant outdoor brand. For more than great clothes in all kinds of weather.

The first step is done, we can´t wait to get on with it!

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