almankås: traditional meets digital

Almankås has been a provider of sewn, embroidered and tailored “Telemarksbunader” for women, men and children since 1956.


Both the company and the brand needed to be refurbished and modernized. With an outdated profile and lack of a digital communication strategy, Almankås approached XY01 in the spring of 2015. The task at hand was to modernize and rig the brand so that it could successfully compete in a modern, highly competitive, and digitalized world.

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Thorough market research was used to map out the purchase process, identify various target groups, and to gain a wider understanding of the growing market for cheaper “bunader,” which are mass produced abroad.

Based on this market insight, a holistic brand strategy and digital communication strategy for Almankås was developed. 

Building on that strategy, a concept with a fashion forward approach was also created. The end result? A modern and relevant brand that communicates in a way that resonates with the relevant target groups.

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