one love. one company. two studios.

XY01 was founded in 2017 by a group of people that shared one dream. To help create, develop and scale brands that people love.

We are on a mission to accelerate. Helping founders and progressive business leaders succeed, at the crossroads of brand and technology. 

Being in love with the energy that happens when people interact with companies, and experience their products and technology, we truly believe in the concept of brand and how it enables culture and accelerates growth.

This is why everything we do is fundamentally based on how brands are built and how technology can enable and create experiences in the minds of its audiences. XY01 is internationally focused with two business areas - our brand studio and our startup studio. 

At the crossroads of the human mind, X.Y, and technology, 0.1.



our brand studio

Transforming good businesses into great brands.

We know that properly executed strategic and tactical brand management will transform your company, strengthen your market position and increase shareholder value. 

This is why we have built an end-to-end, top-to-bottom, inside-out brand transformation firm.

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our startup studio

Enabling founders to build the brands of tomorrow, faster.

Developing ideas into brands is part of our DNA, and our startup studio focuses on getting great ideas off the ground and accelerating them into scalable companies.

We co-create with unique founders and teams. With an entrepreneurial mindset that makes us approach any startup challenge as if it was our own.

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the team

XY01 is an International team based in Oslo, Norway's vibrant capital. Collectively we have worked with transforming businesses in more than 30 countries and our network spans from Singapore to Oslo, and from London to New York.

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