we are XY01
the next generation brand & technology accelerator.

Creating scalable growth for startups and grownups by defining, developing and implementing profitable strategies, solutions, and digital products.

On brand. Always.


“Brand is not about logos, taglines and advertising. It is the strategic core that connects your business to your customers. Simple. Not easy. “


think big, run fast

All of human decision making is based on emotions. Companies or products alone do not influence emotions. Brands however, do. This is why we approach any business challenge with strategic brand thinking.  Why not have a chat?

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what you get

We seamlessly combine your unique business insight with our team of international experts in strategy, brand, technology and customer experience harnessing the power of brand for growth.

Our three pillars of growth are:


We always co-create. With you and with each other. We don’t work for you, we work with you.

Through insight and collaborative workshops we facilitate the right conversations and decisions, and develop the right technology.

The result is clarity and profitable growth for your company, concept or product.

ambitious clients

We work with ambitious companies from startups to global corporations.

If you can imagine the power of technology expertly aligned with your brand and are not afraid of changing or challenging the status quo…

then, and only then, should we be working together.

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our thoughts

Startup Branding — Mission Critical?

Focusing your efforts on a sound business strategy built on your unique brand will de–risk your startup, and may just put you ahead of the curve.

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R.I.P. Minimum Viable Product

Maybe it is time to kill the MVP and finally start listening to the customer and create something truly unique. Something that gets the ball rolling.

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We Have Entered the Share Era

The world of tech has entered the Share Era — a period when apps and digital services rely more and more on integrations and co-creations.

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