365 Days of XY01

Week 3, January 2019

Welcome to our week in review. These small glimpses of our life at X.Y.0.1 are meant to give you an idea of who we are, what we believe in, and how we work. Not always too serious, but often quite straight to the point. Sometimes, these weeklys may turn into a project. Or a startup. Or an article on the web. Eitherway, hope you enjoy this short read:

A lot can happen in a year
riting this is humbling. It was exactly 365 days ago that we started this firm. We did not exactly start from scratch, but almost. This is the result of a dream that included combining the best of brand management, technology and growth hacking. And what a year it has been. 

Three became Nine
We grew from three founding partners, to four. And from zero to nine working souls in the course of the last 12 months. We managed to attract unique talent and thinkers that dare to do things different. And believe me, we are not stopping there. Apart from an almost religious belief in brand, we believe in doing things fast – without compromising on quality. And we believe in startup thinking. Real startup thinking. 

Within this 365 day period, we have actually co-started three different startups ourselves (on top of XY01) and are in the midst of a fourth and fifth one.

Our model is simple: If we believe in it, we find the right partners, create the brand, the necessary technology, the growth strategy, and then we execute.  

Three Startups on a Mission

The three
startups are visitlocal.ly, cameralla.club and skift/academy. 

Visitlocal.ly is an omnichannel destination platform that creates a holistic customer experience for the destination and its visitors, seamlessly integrating CRM, an app and a holistic web platformThis little company has already been implemented in several destinations in Norway and is on its way to Africa!

Cameralla.club is about to be launched in beta and we are in the middle of another investor round, so more to come in the next week.ly!

Skift/academy is steaming along nicely, with more events coming up and the launch of the e-learning platform.

On the client side, we are deep into working with some really cool startups like SoBo Community, Digisure, and Agric.life, and more corporate clients like Bergans of Norway, Hurtigruten, ODIN Forvaltning and Bing Hodneland. 

We are also in the process of touching up our website, launching a new incubator XY01 Ventures, and creating some fun content to share so don’t forget to follow us on our social media sites, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook

Well, have a great week!